Various Kinds Of Weighing Scales And Manufacturers

The weighing scale is one of the oldest tools devised by mankind. It has a wide variety of applications, ranging from weighing fruits to heavy trucks. This article tries to delve a little deeper into the weighing scale and will look at how the scale and with it, the weighing scale manufacturers have evolved over time.

Weighing scale through the ages

The weighing scale’s first usage dates back to 1800 B.C. in the Indus valley. Cuboidal stones of different shapes and sizes were used as weighing stones. Weighing scale has since then, evolved from the candle stick scales, beam scales, stick scales and finally the modern day electronic scales. The contributions by the great inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci, have been immense.

The industry today, as we see it

The industry of the Digital weighing scale manufacturers is categorized according to the different principles of weighing. Thus, the market has two different sets of weighing scale manufacturers. The ones based on Mechanical Scales and the other, on Electronic Scales.

Types of mechanical scales

The mechanical scale manufacturers serve clients from household customers to commercial vehicle operators. There are three different varieties of these scales:

Spring Scale: The tension force acting on the object is then measured by the scale to give accurate readings. These scales have two sources of error that the manufacturers have to watch out for. Change in spring’s length due to temperature differences and the difference in measurement by as much as 0.5% due to the gravitational pull, are the two sources of error that the manufacturers have to watch out for.

Pendulum balance scales: These scales do not make use of springs The dual advantage of these scales are their ease of use and error free application.

Hydraulic or pneumatic scale: The manufacturers produce these scales on special orders from transportation companies and vendors. The main application of these scales is to lift heavy weights and in cranes with hydraulics.

Types of electronic scales

These scales are more popular amongst household customers and find more takers with the manufacturers. Although the profit margins on these scales are low, the manufacturers recuperate the margins through the sales volumes. The different varieties of these scales are:

Microbalance: Weights as small as a million part of a gram can be measured by a microbalance. They find application in pharmaceutical companies and research labs.

Analytical Balance: They are known for their accuracy and precision of measurement and should only be mounted on flat surfaces free of any vibrations. To cater to small errors, manufacturers provide a built in calibration tool.

Supermarket/retail scale: Supermarket scales can weigh various items such as seafood, meat and vegetables etc.. Retail chains like Wal-Mart make year-long contracts with the weighing scale manufacturers. From printing labels to tagging RFIDs, these scales can do it all.

Thus over the years, the weighing scale manufacturers have evolved a lot and now produce simple yet accurate weighing scales.

Before you actually buy the weighing scale look out for their online reputation by checking the testimonials. You can even ask for the price quotes online and make your decision without much of troubles.


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