The History and Diverse Use of Weighing Scales

While weighing scales have been used for thousands of years, it was not until recently that the weighing methods became more accurate . The objective with which these scales were designed primarily was to make sure that optimum business is carried on principally along the main trading routes and they are still considered as an important device today . Since the formation of the earliest societies, people needed to weigh different objects for the purposes of trade . This can be specially exemplified with reference to the need that cropped up to weigh food in order to sell it for construction materials . And sometimes, the importance of these weighing scales was observed by the societies which used to dwell in regions like Mediterranean and Asia in 1000 BC . History says that stone is the very first unit of weighing things .


Currently, weighing scales serve the purpose of measuring mass/weight of specific objects . There are several hundreds of weighing scales that are available in market today and in those, the simplest design involves abeam and a pivot which basically helps in balancing of objects . Owing to the development in technology, some of the most advanced scales have been made to use digital calibration . This ensures that the reading received is accurate and easier to read . The uses of weighing scales are diverse and many industries are heavily using them for different purposes.


Weighing scales are used in commercial industries and their importance is considerable. In this case, these are used in the food and restaurants industries . Whenever items like vegetables, meat and fruits are measures, they should be very precise as they are sold in pounds and accuracy is necessary. Even in the most profitable restaurant businesses, the cost of foods is 1/3 equal of the average sale price . More specifically, we can say that food and efforts make up 50-70% of the average sales. And the result is that even slightest calculations has to be taken care of to avoid any downbeat effect on the profit. As such, the importance of using reliable and efficient weighing scales cannot be overlooked .


Health is also an area of use of weighing scales. For example, weighing scales can be used to weigh abd measure the progress in growth of a child . An individual’s weight is also used to calculate their body mass index and this helps establish whether they are overweight or underweight . This end cannot be achieved unless the appropriate weighing scales are used to determine the weight of the said individual . There are specific weighing scales which are purposely designed to ensure that this end is met and health professionals are advised to carry out thorough research in order to buy scales suited for this purpose .


Weighing scales are also used in science sector, adding to its significance. Chemists use various chemical equations which obviate the use of concentrated substances that need to be accurately measured . For the results to be accurate, the appropriate weighing scales need to be used . For instance, if you are making table salt, also known as sodium chloride you are expected to measure approximately 0.2 NaCl grams and 0.8 grams of water . This is mainly to make sure that the sodium you get is exactly 20% . Considering there are different uses and applications for weighing scales, it is safe to conclude that there are different scales in the market as well . For this reason, it is important to ensure you carry out thorough research and understand different models before making your pick . There are several diverse uses of the weighing scales than the mentioned ones and so they become an unavoidable need of many industries.


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