How over-loaded trucks defeat weighbridge guidelines in the dead of night

We ideologies in the Mlolongo Weighbridge in Athi River the complete night. We're in a quest to discover the goings-on as of this popular freight station, dubbed the gateway to Western and Nairobi Kenya.

We get to the weighbridge on Thursday night, and it seems to be business as usual. Representatives from developed individual businesses, the Kenya National Highways Authority ( KeNHA) and law Enforcement Service are carefully trucks, before letting them proceed.

Income Cow

Every thing seems to operate like clockwork and we can’t help but wonder at the performance, a far cry from what we've become familiar with.

But we don’t need to watch for long.

The clock’s arms hit 11pm, and many senior officials keep, trusting their senior colleagues to carry on manning the weighbridge.

That's whenever we witness action. The senior officers, decided to turn the weighbridge right into a cash cow, allow the trailers — we rely up to 43 — that were left a safe distance away, to pass.

It's then that people uncover the racquet.

What goes on is that over-loaded trucks travel only through the night. They keep Mombasa Port at nighttime and get to.

Businesses placed on notice over weighbridges

The Kenya National Highways Authority has given a notice for the employees to apply the presidential directive on weighbridges.

Leader Kenyatta focused route organizations to make sure that things on flow are assessed at Malaba and Mombasa simply. The move he explained, would reduce steadily the time and price to do business.

In a written report tabled in the National Assembly a week ago, the paths firm can be claimed to have claimed that it plans to have fresh machines that would weigh the range in place and vehicles while in action by November.

This could “ensure there's a marked improvement in the rate of weighing, ergo decongesting the electronic weighbridge areas” Kenha informed the Public Works, Transport and Housing Committee.

Axle control

Kenha has recently revised the allowable axle load limit to conform to the conventional over the East African group. The Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport was claimed to own given a notice about the revision of axle load limits.

“The Gazette Notice is being applied in the weighbridges and this may go a considerable ways in relieving tiny points of departure that have been causes to standoffs between the workers and transporters, producing traffic snarl-ups” Kenha said.

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